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Sharp precision-corners and smooth drill-holes are carved in granite, which is one of the hardest materials on Earth. You need a diamond to be able to cut granite with that level of precision. Nowadays, stone masons use diamond wet saws to cut large granite surfaces, and waterjet saws to cut intricate, precision shapes. Both the tools need electrical power to run. Below you can see what cutting hard granite and marble with a diamond wet saw looks like:. For more sophisticated shapes even more advanced tool is used.

This clip demonstrates a waterjet saw in action cutting granite: Andesite block from Puma Punku vs. Mainstream science maintains that the blocks were quarried at a location miles away and then rolled to Puma Punku on wooden logs. However, the altitude at which the ruins are located excludes that possibility as no trees grow naturally this high. As mentioned before the biggest block of Puma Punku weighs in excess of one hundred tons. In order to understand the scale of such operation it is worthwhile to take a look how such challenge is tackled today.

Please note the voiceover commentary. The smaller one is 50 tons and needs two cranes to lift. The other one is tons and there is no way the cranes can handle the job. The tank will need to be dismantled first. And here is what it takes to lift weights in excess of tons.

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On top of that the only way the bible became so big so fast was Constantine needed to unite the Christians and Pagans to save the Roman empire. So what better way to keep the peace. The fact that if you believe in evolution then you will have to believe it was close that we lived along side the dinosaurs so the bible is junk if we did exist so far ago. I believe we lived so long ago that a book written not so long ago is only there to control man.

Just like every religion that came before it. Another thing John the Baptist tried to do the same thing Jesus did and failed. Also or so years before Jesus there was another guy trying to do the same thing as John and Jesus. I am sorry but there is more against the bible as Science goes on.

For the people that laugh at Ancient Alien theories and believe in God, will have to laugh at themselves for believing in no proof of a God only that you believe a bunch of rich people that wrote a book.

Enduring Mystery Surrounds the Ancient Site of Puma Punku

So you believed the bible was more than a book? Well that was pretty fucking dumb wasnt it shit stain. Have you noticed the architectural carved similarities between Puma Punku and the stellae at Aksum, Ethiopia and the underground carved churches there.

The roof of one of those churches has a cross very similar to crosses carved at Puma. Saying that we are alone in the cosmos and extra terrestials aren't real is like taking a cup and scooping it in the ocean and saying there is no whales?! Don't you think the government hides some things from us?! You sir are just as good as any other brain washed individual in this society today. Actually, I'm standing on the beach telling you that the whales in the ocean didn't build the sand castles on the beach.

The question of whether aliens are real is vastly different from the question of whether they flew here and built a pile of rocks in Bolivia.

Re-Dating Puma Punku And Tiwanaku With Dr. Robert Schoch

Ya, nut how much do you know the whales personally or know what they are capable of? I'm sorry did you say wether aliens are real ot not? I think that alone answers the question. And you're so intent on debunking a theory yet you offer no theory of your own as to why these people would have built that random nonsense in thee middle no where Care to share one?

Actually nax, you are a dog fucking semen guzzler and you should not try to comprehend things which are beyond your intelligence level. Such as basic arithmetic, putting your hand in fire will hurt.. Its all just way out of your grip so just let it go OK. All of your points are very quick and not detailed.

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Whether at Pumapunku, Stoneage or Pyramid or sighting of multi tons of stone. They are all the works of Nephilites Giant human found in Genesis 6: The great flood has washed away all the tools and equipment away, that explain why those ruins or tombs were buried under the sand, only left those heavy giant stones around. It is because of the great flood that washes most of the things away, archaeologist wonder where were the ancients people has gone to? With almost no tools to be found and little human remains on ruin site. In Genesis , u find that God was heart broken to send such flood to the earth and waited close to hundred years for the Ark to be ready.

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The fallen angels are not supposed to cross breed with human but they did, u see those half human and half animals do exist and God find that has gone out of hands and finally the flood came and it covers the earth as high as the highest mountain. That is why Noah's Ark was found at Mount Ararat. I felt compelled to remark about the negative comments levelled on both sides, while it also seems to me that some responders either did not read, misunderstood or ignored details and the bases for arguments posed or covered by the program, its review, and in earlier comments.

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Insults are never helpful, except for the venting of an overflow of emotion, and are otherwise hurtful, unnecessary, and display the ignorance of the person voicing the insult. Notwithstanding the unique nature of some of the stonework found there, one ought to question why the temple complex was built in the first place, then decide for oneself what seems most logical and appropriate.

AATs are very good at speculating. If Tiwanaku was built by aliens, then it must have been used as a base for terrestrial operations. What peoples were they trying to influence? Some other culture that either needed their help or they wished to interfere with? I really have a hard time with this concept. What knowledge did humans then possess that could possibly have come from ancient extraterrestrial sources or that did them any profound good?

Besides which what need would ancient spacefarers need of a ground base when they would have lived on their ships or travelled with or inside a much larger mother ship? To collect foodstuffs or precious metals perhaps. Then there couldn't have been a lot of resources to collect, and by primitive methods, over prohibitive distances uphill besides. Nor, other than with the limited indigenous population, not much reason to set up a 'meet and greet' to give out information and then what?

Sit around and swap stories the rest of the time? There's no evidence that sort of activity ever took place. Then there's the plain explanation. A religious site, where persons went to be closer to their gods, and hung out with friends and got laid occasionally. Giorgio and the rest of the AAT guys also failed to mention the stone cutting tools that litter the old temple and quarry sites. It's the selective omission of detail that really sets me against this theory, not the theory itself. Belief in AAs is like belief in the Bible. We want to believe it so because wouldn't it be neat if it was?

But, hey, we all gotta grow up sometime. The best AA episodes are when they tackle ancient physical structures and their construction possibilities. Episodes like this one is why I got hooked on AA in the to begin with. At least there is some resemblance of research being conducted and some thought applied into the material being presented. The phrase "Is it possible? They should be investing their resources into exploring sites like Gobekli Tepe in more depth and detail instead of the hyperbole material we're seeing them release as of late. Your view of this site is so far off. The stone work at the site and the location of the art is way beyond you poor thinking.

I am a stone worker and have been to the site. The stones are from another place and the people at even this time at feet elevation had no means of constructing this. Get an education before you throw words. You must be a left spider where truth never happens. Only your words and thoughts make you a legend in you mind.

Puma Punku: Revolutionary New Way To Date The Stone

Hi Dave, awesome comment dude. Especially loved the part about the spider that made no sense.