Minor dating laws in nc

What Is the Age of Consent in North Carolina?

The law is not on your side here. Dating a Minor Thanks for your input.

Nc laws on dating a minor

Any legal documentation I can read up on? From what I understand of the law as long as there is no physical or verbal abuse, harassment or stalking involved the parents can't really keep someone away but from what you're saying I must be wrong.

Statutory Rape and Statutory Sexual Offenses in NC

Dating a Minor What law do you think exists that says that parents forfeit the right to control their child? Dating a Minor Read this.

Charlotte Attorney -I paid off my traffic ticket and now North Carolina DMV says I'm suspended. Why?

Dating a Minor Oh, I'm not saying there's a law that keeps parents from telling them to see someone, parents can tell their children anything. However, there's a difference between that and the law actually backing the adults and forcing someone to stay away from the minor with legal ramifications.

North Carolina Age of Consent & Statutory Rape Laws

Also, I'm not even sure I will ever speak to this girl again. More just interested in the legal issues surrounding what's already happened and what could happen.

Dating a Minor If your parents tell you to stay away, and you don't, don't even imagine that they couldn't use the law to force you to. They can also make things very difficult for your girlfriend, including removing the door to her bedroom, escorting her to and from school, taking away any electronic access such as cell phone or computer, and so on. Dating a Minor Got examples for me in how they could use the law?

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Dating a Minor Contributing to the delinquency, for starts. Trespassing, if you come onto the property after being told not to. Similar Threads Minors' Rights: Choices of Minor Dating By elisia.

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  2. minor dating laws in nc.
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  4. Dating laws in nc.
  5. North Carolina’s Statutory Rape Laws and Potential Penalties.
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    North Carolina Statutory Rape Laws

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