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I just got back home tonight with a few numbers from some cute girls and really, the important aspect here is that I took the action I was taught during the bootcamp to go up to these girls, talk with them and then eventually, go for the number. A changed mindset and an improved me. Thursday When I got to the studio with my partner-in-crime for the weekend, we became acquainted with Nick and then went over the 6 steps of Fearless.

Yes, this felt really strange and awkward at first, like practicing a speech in front of a mirror…but then, it got better, we got better and looser, and in the end, I felt it really did help. So if you do a bootcamp in the future and get weirded out here, just go with it, haha. For me, throughout the weekend, one main objective was staying in the moment and just going with it, rather than being in my head.

Easier said than done, true, but definitely got better over the bootcamp. Later that night, we went out with Nick and Evan. Also, Nick kept us on our feet and always kept the party goin — no matter what the deal was at the bar! I worked on those aspects essentially until the end of the bootcamp, though adding in some escalation tips and whatnot once we got those under our belts.

Oh, and just to mention, the coaches all stayed out past 2am, the official cut off time of the bootcamp every night, so I wanna give em props for their dedication ; love you guys. Today we went over escalation, with Nick leading and other coaches piping in with their own tips here and there. All of it came together really nicely and was incredibly informative.

The Social Man

Sat night was probably one of the loosest and more productive nights for me in terms of all the info coming together, working cohesively, as well as just the amount of risks I took. Of course, all the coaches and the other guy on the program all helped me with that progress, so I thank all of them immensely for this weekend and their time: Danny was great in helping us with the day game — kinda his thang — and really we had the opportunity to ask him anything we wanted. We did some exercises, some approaches, and some wrap-up talks about the weekend and our futures. I took the awareness factor for granted before the bootcamp.

I thought I had a pretty good self-awareness and I could tell if a girl was interested in me or not.

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But truthfully, I have an infinitely better understanding now. For example, I was moving out of my dorm with my sister, and this cute girl walked into the elevator. Very powerful feeling to recognize small things like this immediately and know that I could have taken this to a date the next day if I wanted. Another example has to do with my friend and she revealed a lot of deeper info with me that night after the bootcamp ended on Sunday, and it was due mainly to the Fearless principles I implemented that night when we hung out — eye contact, mirroring, pulling back, deeper and more touching.

Of course, Looseness too which is related to all of this. I feel like suddenly I have a lot more control over my relationships and new interactions than I did before and I really love the TSM guys and gals responsible for opening my eyes to this. You pointed me in the right direction and opened up a new road I now need to work my way down until I reach the end.

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May 15, Before I begin listing reasons why I was highly unsatisfied with the program, I must give credit where credit is due. I commend that as I have learned of several dating coaches in my past experience who tend to waiver or change their outlook in an effort to "revamp" their product. Tessla Nichols is a very cute, sweet woman who will help those new to "game" rid themselves of approach anxiety, a term that this group made every effort of eradicating, changing the name rather to hesitation perhaps to offer a different perspective.

Christine is passionate about her craft as well and seems to be very in tune with her emotions and read on people. Her presence can be intimidating at first glance, especially if you have zero experience. Which brings me to why I was unsatisfied. When I spoke with Nick, I had made it clear that I did not consider myself inexperienced. I have learned and practiced under several "gurus" and feel a certain level of comfort with the skills I have acquired over the years. Nick assured me that this program would revolutionize my way of thinking and improve upon the level of experience I already have.

He also made it clear, as virtually every coach in the community does, that if I was unsatisfied for whatever reason, I would be given a full refund. However, this could not be further from the truth. In what little time I spent attending the program, I did not witness these revolutionary methods he spoke of.

He said he could handle hesitation without forcing people, however, all I saw was him pushing us into women at the bar and practically berating me when I chose not to approach. It wasn't that I was timid or hesitant. I was made to feel uncomfortable and became upset as the night grew. He also taught methods about how to stand or how close to be when speaking with women, that I did not find at all appealing and have even practiced when I was first introduced to game 5 yrs ago , and this did not work. In other words, it was not, in my opinion, innovative by any means, but rather a rephrase of what other coaches had taught in the past.

But I will say, that this program made me feel like a creep. And no, I was not uncomfortable in the sense that I have limiting beliefs; I was uncomfortable the way a lone woman in a subway would be next to a drooling man in a trench coat. I felt THAT creepy applying his methods.

When I left the program, I did not want to share this explicitly with Nick, for fear of offending somebody I did in fact grow to admire as a person. And divine intervention being what it is, I did unfortunately have an emergency family issue to deal with the very next day which prevented me from attending the rest of Nick's program. Had it not been for this, however, I still would have left the live training. I must have emailed, texted, called, and Facebook messaged countless times before I finally got a reply.

He was apologetic in his delay, but was unwilling to offer me the refund he had guaranteed before the start of the program. He responded by detailing what the "retail" value of the program would have been HAD I signed up to an individual night out. In other words, the terms of the refund agreement changed twice during this back and forth of emails.

For anybody reading this, please note the guarantee offer in the description section of the product full money back guarantee, with terms. I have delayed in writing a review precisely because I was so upset and feared I may write things I did not mean. I am still upset, but I am taking action to resolve this issue. Now I do recognize I am one isolated opinion, but I feel I wouldn't be doing other guys any justice by keeping this to myself, especially when all I see is rave reviews.

I owe it to the community to provide an honest and balanced perspective. These two programs both cover and surpass what can be learned under Sparks.

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Hopefully, nobody else experiences what I have had to go through over the past couple of months. I have been in distress over what's happened and only hope to reach a full resolution as soon as possible. Comments 1 Help other users find the most helpful reviews Was this review helpful to you? He was confident that if I trusted him and pushed myself that I would see results THAT weekend and that I would get this part of my life handled Because the answer is: I was never very good with girls The only stint I had with girls was in third grade. All my friends were girls. I am an artist introvert by nature raised by a sexually conservative jewish family.

I remember distinct instances in my childhood where I was severely scolded by my parents by expressing my sexuality. I have found that some of my friends with conservative catholic, jewish or indian upbringing have had the same frustrations and belief systems formed around women that had limited their success.

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I had no luck in art school. I liked girls but I had a hard time finding those feelings because I was so ashamed of them I literally could not feel them or connect with them.

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In years to come I approached many girls. I even took a couple bootcamps with other instructors and had very little success. I had always thought I was a kind and successful person in all areas of my life. I could not figure out why I could not get this part handled. I only had 1 serious relationship my whole life and it did not work because 1: I thought I was doomed to be this social retard forever. I even started to prowl mail order bride sites. This was all my reality.

Nick Sparks - The Social Man

Its simply because he is a fantastic teacher! Nick is focused on the doing instead of harping on and on about philosophy. He gives easy bite sized actionable steps that when you apply get results.